“This company helped my son with home work during quarantine.. the mentor was awesome and we really appreciate this opportunity


“This has been nice for my kids to have someone to talk and ask questions to that isn’t me!”


“My daughter fell behind due to a couple moves and felt really bad about herself. As her mom, I found myself feeling badly that I could not see to get her to grasp the material and realized as well as I was explaining it, she needed to connect with an outside source. In two sessions, my daughter has had an improved self esteem/confidence, and she has really begun to thrive in math again. It WAS her best subject before. We are so grateful and blessed to have him tutoring my daughter. This program is truly a Godsend. I am so relieved! ❤️”


“The tutor and program has been fantastic thank you so much


“Absolutely awesome job! Very thorough and detailed explanation! Thank you for your help and time!”


“The mentor that my son was assigned to has been an exceptional support in helping him garner real-world techniques to combat his tendency to procrastinate. Having one more person to help keep him focused right now is an immense benefit, for which I’m incredibly grateful.”


“It a great bridge to connect my elementary school kid to college kid for math help. My kids get help on the problems they are currently need additional help and they are excited to learn from a mentor.


My Student Sphere tutor has been awesome! I requested a Spanish speaking tutor to help my children keep their Spanish because we are a primarily English speaking home and they all attend Dual Immersion programs in Spanish. She has been reliable and prompt, as well as able to engage through the screen with my 8 year old, 6 year old, and 3 year old. She also encourages me to speak more often in Spanish, which is a helpful reminder because I’m working full time from home while taking care of my children and doing online school for them. I need all the encouragement I can get!


Our mentor has been tutoring our son in math all year. Our son has said on more than one occasion that she is better at teaching math than his Math teacher! She is patient, reliable, and helps him to understand difficult concepts in Algebra. She is the reason that he is learning, growing, getting his homework done, and passing his tests. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have been paired with this amazing young woman who is so generous with her time. This has been a phenomenal experience – we couldn’t be happier. We are so grateful for our mentor and Student Sphere!!!


“StudentSphere has been a great addition to my daughter’s school routine. With the Covid-19 changes, she spends less time in school and learning from her peers. She must complete more schoolwork at home, often without any help, as we are busy with work. Her mentor is a fun way for her to do schoolwork and she can get her questions answered right away. We are very grateful for the resource.”



“I believe that StudentSphere provides a great opportunity for younger students to find help outside of their typical school resources. StudentSphere has the capacity to not only help during the academic year but also to help provide sustained learning over winter and summer breaks for those who choose to use the service. It’s a great way for mentors to use some of the knowledge they have gained throughout college and share it with those they tutor. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my mentee in learning basic math skills and providing her with another resource for learning during these challenging times.”


Having a mentee has allowed me to focus my energy in a positive way during this quarantine. At first, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be very helpful to her, but I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. It has been super rewarding to explain math concepts and Spanish terms to her and to see the understanding spread across her face. I think that joining this movement is a great way to feel connected and helpful while isolating physically.

– Anonymous

“Great opportunity, as I am working towards my TESOL. It is a great opportunity to get work experience without extensive stress, and you know you are truly helping people. I’ve been able to see better what age and level groups I would like to deal with when I move into the workplace. I would recommend this to anyone considering any teaching in the future.”


“During my time in high school and UC Davis, I was frustrated at times because I did not understand the material and hoped I had a mentor to guide me in the class or my undergraduate journey. Upon graduating, I wanted to be that mentor for other students so they don’t have to be lost and frustrated. I enjoyed my time seeing students excel from struggling in the class. I am grateful for Student Sphere for providing me with the opportunity to help other students out.


“This program allowed me to connect with a younger student and allowed me to share my experiences with her to help her grow and to provide a friendship and mentorship. Mentorship is something that I personally value and I have a few mentors myself, so being able to be a mentor is an incredible experience.


“Student Sphere has been an amazing resource that creates a platform for people to connect in the difficult times that we are currently facing. I have enjoyed mentoring because I have found it to be an opportunity where I gain both an education and uplifting experience. “


“I really enjoy teaching my mentee Spanish! I want to become a Spanish teacher and this has showed me that being a teacher is what I want to do. Thank you to Student Sphere for pairing me up with a mentee. The process was simple and straightforward.”


Becoming a Mentor was such a great decision because I am able to help a student, while also learning about myself and how I teach. The StudentSphere program is very helpful with anything that is needed.”


“My mentee is an immigrant from South Korea and was struggling with acclimating to life in America as well as navigating/learning a new language. As an immigrant myself, I know first-hand how challenging the transition can be, especially during a pandemic. StudentSphere provided a platform for me to connect and mentor my mentee. I was able to help him improve his fluency and comprehension as well as communication skills. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to share my journey and knowledge with my mentee.”


“Student Sphere gave me an incredible opportunity to meet with young children ready and engaged to learn. I love cultivating the connections and watching my mentee grow with every session and am very excited about the future!”