Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does this mentorship last? Does it last through the summer?
    StudentSphere mentorships last as long as you want them to. Since StudentSphere depends on volunteers, your mentor may change in the future. Additionally, StudentSphere will be offering its services throughout the summer. Our mentors are able to assist with preparation for the upcoming school year, and are able to socialize, play games, and teach their mentees new skills.
  • What locations do you currently serve?
    StudentSphere currently serves all of North America, including Canada and U.S. states and territories.
  • Do you serve students internationally?
    StudentSphere does not serve students outside of North America due to time differences. Our mentors are university students that volunteer their time, and unfortunately, we do not have the means to support internationally.
  • How does StudentSphere screen applicants?
    StudentSphere screens applicants based on interests, availability, and compatibility. We match mentors and mentees based on these criteria in order to ensure a successful mentorship. In terms of mentors, we also verify that they are indeed college students.
  • When will we be notified if we have been matched for a mentorship?
    Since StudentSphere depends on volunteers and matches students based on compatibility, we may not be able to assign you to a mentor/mentee right away. It may take days or weeks before we are able to match you to a compatible mentor/mentee. Please remember to frequently check your email as well as your spam folder as you wait for an email from us.
  • What platforms do mentors and mentees use to connect with another?
    StudentSphere recommends using Zoom (free for 1:1 meetings), Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and other free video conferencing services. The choice of platform will depend on the preference of the mentee and mentor.
  • Are there multilingual mentors available if I am not a native English speaker?
    Yes! Currently, our StudentSphere mentors speak 20 different languages including English, American Sign Language, Albanian, Arabic, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.
  • What colleges do volunteers attend?
    Our volunteers attend colleges across the nation. They attend ivy leagues, private and public universities, UC’s, state schools, and community colleges.
  • Why have I not received a response from StudentSphere?
    Our team tries to respond to emails within 24 hours. All communication from our program will be through Please check your spam/junk folders if the email does not appear in your inbox. If you have submitted a mentor or mentee application, you should receive a confirmation within 24 hours of submission. Please note that you will not be considered for a match if you are a mentor and have not provided us with your college (“.edu”) email address.
  • Who can I expect to hear from about all things StudentSphere related?
    Mentors and mentees can expect to receive emails from
    Once matched, please refer to the contact information of your mentee/mentor in order for sessions to go smoothly. StudentSphere is also on social media – find us on Facebook and on instagram (@student.sphere).


  • What happens if my availability changes? Can I edit my application?
    Yes, you can edit your application. If your availability or your preferences change, please send an email to as soon as possible to notify us. If you have already been matched, make sure to communicate these changes to your mentor/mentee as well.
  • What should I do if I am unable to reach my mentor/mentee?
    Mentees: First, please be sure that you have waited 72 hours since receiving the initial match email. If you have still not heard from your mentor, please email us at

    Mentors: If you have attempted to reach your mentee via BOTH email and phone and they have still not responded, please email us at 

    Additionally, both mentees and mentors should frequently check their email and spam folder in case their mentee/mentor is trying to get a hold of them.


  • Does StudentSphere provide me with a curriculum? Do I decide how to run sessions on my own?
    StudentSphere does not provide its mentors with a curriculum. Our mentors indicate what they are comfortable helping with, and this is one criterion we use when matching. Mentors should contact their mentees when matched, and discuss expectations for sessions. The platform you would like to use, as well as what sessions will look like ultimately depends on what the mentor/mentee requests.
  • Do mentors receive some type of training?
    Mentors are not specifically trained for this program. With that being said, our mentors are college students and have experience with the subjects and skills that they are able to offer help with. Our mentor pool does include students who have previously worked as tutors, counselors, and teaching aids.
  • Does StudentSphere track hours?
    StudentSphere does not track community service hours per se, but we encourage our college student volunteers to keep track of the number of hours they’ve dedicated on their own.
  • Are mentors required to report back to StudentSphere?
    StudentSphere expects professionalism from its mentors, and so we ask for mentors to respond to communication from us within a timely manner. However, once mentors have been matched, we do not require them to report back to us every time a session is held.
  • What is the best way to get in touch with my mentee?
    We recommend reaching out via email first. If you do not receive a response, please contact your mentee by phone and leave a voicemail if needed. Notify us if you have not had success in reaching your mentee after these steps.
  • I’m a recent college graduate, can I still apply?
    We accept applications from mentors up to a year from graduation. Our communication with mentors is done via their college (.edu) email, and that is why we are unable to extend the mentorship for graduates.
  • If my question has not been answered above, who can I reach out to?
    Please visit our “Contact Us” page for further inquiries! Our team will try to get back to you as soon as possible.